Why use our Sprinkles?

Nutrigen Ferromixin and Vitamixin Sprinkles are the most effective and convenient way to fortify children’s favourite semi-solid meals at home. They simply need to be added onto children’s favourite foods and mixed well. This will serve essential vitamins and minerals that children need, without altering the taste, smell or texture of the food.

The focal nutrient of our Sprinkles is Iron. Iron Deficiency is the most widespread nutritional challenge in the world, which causes anaemia. Nutritional Iron Deficiency remains to be a central public health concern for infants older than 6 months; it may hinder children’s healthy growth, and may lead to learning and behavioural challenges. Our Sprinkles contain Iron in amounts equalling to the daily recommendations of the World Health Organization.

The Iron content of our Sprinkles are placed within sunflower oil made capsules via the encapsulation technology. This enables the optimal absorption of Iron inside the body, and prevents Iron from altering the taste, smell and texture of foods.

Simply pour, mix and serve.

How to use our Sprinkles?

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